• Ashleigh Kendall

The power of surrounding yourself with positive people

We have all heard about “your vibe attracting your tribe” and for the most part I do agree with this. But sometimes your tribe might be part of what is bringing you down. Negativity can creep into your life, starting small but then growing until it becomes a handbrake on you living your life. Part of this does come from the people you choose to surround yourself with.

It might not even be someone consciously at fault or trying to be negative, but their responses to life events might invite negativity into your life if you aren’t careful. Sometimes it might be that your friendship was great, but then you started doing well or broke away from mediocrity, you worked hard and positive outcome started emerging for you, and that’s when the friendship seeped in and started to stain. Or maybe the person you thought you were investing time in wasn’t actually who you thought they were but by the time their true colours showed it was hard to put those boundaries up and it dragged you down before you even knew.

This sort of scenario is upsetting! It’s really hard when someone you care about can start to have a negative impact on your life, but there is a lot to be said for surrounding yourself with positive people. They will lend you that confident and optimistic power and you will lend some back to them to go and smash your goals together. There is power in collaboration. We are designed to thrive and to thrive together. Finding truly supportive people is going to have a hugely positive impact on your life and your fulfilment.

Assess your values and then find people who reflect them, the ones who have dreams and plans, who get stuff done, the ones who build each other up, the ones who want to be with you through the lows and the highs! These people will do nothing but push you to realise your dreams, as you will help them realise theirs. They are also extremely helpful to maintaining mental health and thriving. They will help you when you feel low and celebrate you when you enjoy happiness. 

When you free yourself from people who choke you or try to put a handbrake on you when you have an opportunity to realise who you truly are, you get to be yourself. You get to live you! There is such empowerment within this and you will soon realise that life can be truly limitless if you are curious and brave enough to find out! You’ll learn to love who you really are, you’ll love the life you have. Things will seem a lot clearer and when obstacles come your way you will have the positive support to bounce back on.

Surrounding yourself with positive people will bring out the best in you, help you find meaning and fulfilment, and you will soon find yourself to be a part of positive change that this world is in such desperate need of!

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